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Tongan Royalty Visits the Polynesian Cultural Center

Prince of Tonga, Ata     

...given that the late Tongan Queen Salote authorized building a quarter-scale replica of her summer palace in 1963 for our then-brand-new Tongan Village. The Fale Fakatu’i is still the centerpiece of the village and the focal point of one of the VIP visits. [Insert MORE LINK here]

His Royal Highness Viliami ‘Unuaki-‘o-Tonga Lalaka mo‘e ‘Eiki Tuku‘aho, Prince Ata of Tonga is the most recent royal visitor. He came to the PCC on Saturday, July 14, as part of a week-long reunion of approximately 1,000 of his fellow countrymen who are alumni of the Latter-day Saint Liahona/Saineha schools in Tonga, along with family and friends. Many of the alumni — who came from Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, throughout Hawaii and the U.S. mainland — are also BYU–Hawaii and PCC alumni. After the PCC hosted His Majesty Prince Ata to dinner and our Hā: Breath of Life evening show, he “reigned” at the alumni ball in our spectacular Gateway venue.

Interestingly as previously reported in our e-newsletter, his mother the Queen of Tonga, Her Majesty Queen Nanasipau‘u Tuku‘aho, also recently visited the Cultural Center on March 28, 2014, as part of worldwide reunion activities and a luncheon for alumni of Queen Salote College in Tonga.

His Royal Highness Prince Ata of Tonga enjoys the
Liahona/Saineha alumni ball at the Polynesian Cultural Center

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